If you haven’t taken advantage of the benefits that you can gain from aromatherapy, it is never too late to start learning so that you can apply what you have discovered in the process. You may have already heard of the concept. Although these days, there are many ways of relaxation and healing techniques that are being introduced, this one remains to be popular because this is easy to follow, plus the fact that this won’t cost you much.

The process utilizes botanical oils. These are extracts and essences from sources such as herbs, trees and flowers. The type of essences that you have to use in order to benefit from such source depends on what you want to cure and your reasons for undergoing the procedure.

Tracing the Roots

This procedure can be traced back in the 1920s when Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French chemist, coined the term after witnessing how the lavender oil can cure skin burns. Now this has become a branch of herbal medicine that applies the medicinal properties of the oils and essences from various herbs and plants. And the idea is now being applied in most countries around the world, especially in parts of Europe and North America.

The approach is popularly used at spas and holistic treatments. This is also being integrated on products used for relaxation purposes such as candles and different essences of massage oils. Through time, many people are discovering the effectiveness of the process. For most of its users, this has become an integral part of their lives as it can alleviate pains, fatigue and stress.

How Does It Work?

There are many things that essential oils can do to one’s body. It has the following effects depending on the type of oils used and its sources. The effects range from being tranquilizing, antiviral, anti-bacterial, adrenal stimulating and other pharmacological end result.

The matter is simple. You inhale the essential oil. Through your nasal cavity, its molecules enter your system. When it’s already inside your body, the limbic system in your brain gets stimulated. Such system is responsible for your emotions and memories. It is also directly associated with parts of your body that controls heart rate, your breathing and blood pressure. This is also connected with the hypothalamus, adrenals and your pituitary gland.

The oils help in maintaining the balance between your physiology and emotions. Such oils are extracted from different parts of the sources such as the leaves, flowers, branches, roots and even flowers and buds. The processes involved in creating this include stem and water distillation, cold pressing and steam distillation. You must be cautious in using the matter. You must take note that it can be harmful if you will take the matter orally. If this must be done, you must seek the help of a professional to carry out the process.

The Basic Uses

This method is known to relax one’s body and lessen tensions and stress. This has also been popular to treat different conditions such as bruises and burns, allergies, insect bites, headache, colds, flu, menopause, sprains, joint pains and a lot more. This can also help you regain your strength and energy and help you sleep if you feel restless or if you are suffering from insomnia.

As more and more people discover the marvels that aromatherapy can bring, this method will surely go a long way and its popularity will never cease to exist.